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More Reasons For Self Publishing

Self publishing is how I get my books on the market and I do enjoy it but writing is what I really enjoy so I want to spend as much of my time as possible writing. To do that I simplify my publishing.

I have no interest in spending any more time than necessary keep track of any more than absolutely necessary. I do the work that requires my skills and then send the files to Createspace and they produce the books and handle all the fulfillment of orders without my involvement.

When a book is first published I will have a special prepublication sale where I handle the fulfillment but beyond that it is all Createspace and Amazon. Perhaps I could sell more books and even make more money but it would be a lot more working at things I don’t particularly enjoy.

Sometimes I do my own covers and other times I hire an artist or photographer to do it but I always do the final work and create the cover text. I have yet to purchase a complete cover and doubt that I will.

After the manuscript is completed I do several edits and then I go through the book with grammarly. Then I ask my wife, who is a tough editor, to go through it again. Finally, I ask several people I know to read it and comment. From all of those steps I get a reasonably clean copy that I will then read once more.

My last step is to order a proof so I can see the final book before it ever goes to a paying reader. I go through the proof carefully before finally publishing the book.

After this stage I create the file for the Kindle version and publish it as an ebook after I have check the ebook file carefully. All of this is a lot of work without getting involved in fulfillment.

In the next post I will cover some of things I do for marketing.

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