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The Handyman’s Guide To Profit

When the economy collapses into recession (or worse), men who have learned a variety of construction and household repair skills for everything from roofing to plumbing to glazing will find themselves laid off from their regular jobs with bleak prospects of re-hiring elsewhere. But there is one tremendous possibility that is open to all, that of self-employment as a handyman. In “The Handyman’s Guide To Profit: Using Your Skills To Make Money In Any Economy”, A William ‘Bill’ Benitez draws upon his personal and professional experience of 30 years in owning and operating a one-man business as a carpenter and handyman, and 20 years as a cabinet/furniture maker, to take readers through s superbly organized approach to starting up their own handyman operation. Every aspect is covered from recruiting customers, to pricing jobs, to getting paid, to expanding skill sets, to using the Internet, to accounting and taxes, and a great deal more. Practical and ‘user friendly’, “The Handyman’s Guide To Profit: Using Your Skills To Make Money In Any Economy” truly lives up to the promise of its title and should be considered essential reading for anyone seeking to setting themselves up to do a profitable business in these unprofitable times.

Review above by the Midwest Book Review

Woodworking Business: Start Quickly and Operate Successfully

In just 192 pages, A. William Benitez takes the reader through a comprehensive do-it-yourself course on transforming woodworking from a creative and practical hobby to a flourishing and successful business enterprise. Thoroughly ‘user friendly’, “Woodworking Business: Start Quickly and Operate Successfully; An Expert Woodworker Reveals The Keys To Succeeding In The Woodworking Business” covers every aspect of becoming a woodworking entrepreneur beginning with meeting local business regulations; calculating project costs; contracts and forms; recruiting customers (especially with a shoe-string marketing budget); utilizing a web site as a 24-hour showroom; dealing with the IRS; accounting and taxes; and building up a ‘brand name’ recognition for your work and your company. Practical, superbly organized and presented, “Woodworking Business” should be considered mandatory reading for anyone seeking to establish their woodworking pastime into a full-fledge and profitable business.

Review by The Midwest Book Review – 6/6/10

Micah Andrew, Reviewer

Self Publishing Simplified 2: Creating Ebooks For Kindle, Smashwords, Clickbank, and Your Own Ebook Store

My ebook, Self-Publishing Simplified 2: Creating Ebooks for Kindle, Smashwords, Clickbank, and Your Own Ebook Store, is now available on Amazon for the Kindle and many other devices including iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

If you have a story to tell or a skill to teach others, ebooks are the perfect vehicle to get your message across. This down-to-earth, easy to read, how-to ebook contains complete and detailed instructions on writing, editing, and preparing a quality ebook for Kindle, Smashwords, Clickbank, and even your own web site. The step-by-step instructions, based entirely on years of first-hand experience, will guide you through the entire process. As added value you have access to a how-to blog and an email address for questions.

Go to http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007E50T28 to get your own copy or read a sample chapter online.

Self Publishing: Writing A Book and Publishing Books and eBooks For Yourself and Others

My book, Self Publishing: Writing A Book and Publishing Books and eBooks For Yourself and Others, was published on July 31, 2012. It’s based entirely on first-hand experience and contains in-depth, step-by-step, instructions and clear screen shots on my proven method for writing, editing, and publishing books and ebooks successfully.

Writing and publishing a quality book can be a complex, costly, and difficult job. The idea is just the beginning of a long list of tasks including planning, outlining, writing every chapter, editing, making certain it is well organized and easy to read, and creating a print-ready file for the POD printer.

Part of the process includes creating a great title that will draw potential book buyers and be easy to read on an interesting cover even as a small image on a web site. Then you need to create the web site to tell everyone all the details about your new book and how they can get a copy. This is a long list of steps and handling each one professionally will contribute to creating and selling a quality book.

Self Publishing: Writing A Book and Publishing Books and eBooks For Yourself and Others, carefully details a method I have used for more than ten books and will help you publish successfully. Get complete information now by clicking on the title above. Also available as a full length ebook.

Starting and Operating A Woodworking Business

Dear Bill


I recently purchased your “Starting a Woodworking Businessebook and I would like to make some comments please.

Having been a part-time woodworker for almost 30 yrs, I had always wanted to start my own business but was never really quite sure about how to go about it. Your book describes the process in a clear, concise manner while at the same time advising of the potential pitfalls. This has helped me to go into my business with my eyes wide open. I especially like the simplified woodworking concept and will adapt some of my methods to this style in an effort to be more productive.

I also like the fact that you personally respond to emails. There are other products on the net that seem to be run by autoresponders, not humans!

I will be pleased to offer a personal testimonial should the need ever arise.

Thank you Bill. Kind regards.

Neil Rogers, Australia.

Hello Bill,

Your ebook entitled Starting and Operating A Woodworking Business is very comprehensive. You did an amazing job writing it! It answered every question I could possibly ask about my woodworking business. I recommend Starting and Operating A Woodworking Business to anyone in this business! As part of my ongoing mission to find the best tools to run my woodworking business, this is without a doubt at the top of my list.

Chris Looney, Hardwood Technology
Custom Cabinets & Woodworking

Biscuit Joiner: A Woodworker’s Guide To Biscuit Joinery

For over 25 years I owned and operated a one-person woodworking business. During most of those years I built large and small quality cabinets and furniture pieces for residential and commercial customers. For almost every project I took full advantage of the capabilities of Biscuit Joiners to make my work easier, faster, and more profitable. In Biscuit Joiner: A Woodworker’s How-To Guide To Biscuit Joinery I share everything I learned about using Biscuit Joiners during those years. I still use Biscuit Joiners to build projects for our home and some of those projects are illustrated in this book.

Biscuit Joiner: A Woodworker’s How-To Guide To Biscuit Joinery is now available. For complete information about this new book on biscuit joiner click HERE or on the book cover at left.


Woodworking Business 101: A Basic Business Guide For Woodworkers

For those just beginning, this book contains a helpful Getting Started chapter. For others who are already operating a woodworking business and may be struggling to profit from their skills, there are six additional chapters filled with detailed information, a preface, an introduction, a glossary, and a personal notes section that will help you with every step toward profitability

Woodworking Business 101: A Basic Business Guide For Woodworkers serves as an excellent beginning with the basics of the woodworking business and including all other aspects of the business of woodworking such as licenses, local and federal taxes, best ways to deal with suppliers, setting up bank accounts both checking and savings, using and accepting credit cards, the critically important aspects of contracting for work, the difficulties of accounting including unique, much easier methods, and the less than pleasant task of dealing with the IRS.

Woodworking Business 101: A Basic Business Guide For Woodworkers helps you to develop methods to get customers but more importantly it shows you the best ways to keep customers after that first job.  

Relationship: Notes on Love, Mutual Respect, Boundaries, Marriage, and Divorce

My latest book, Relationship: Notes on Love, Mutual Respect, Boundaries, Marriage, and Divorce, is a total departure from anything I’ve previously written but early reviews have been positive as shown below.

Oftentimes clear, true insight comes from someone not “trained” or “educated” in a particular field of thought. This book represents one of those times. The subject of “relationships” is so complicated few outside the legal/ counseling/mental health arenas even attempt to address it for fear of being ignored, misunderstood or, worse yet, laughed at.

The author’s conversational style makes his book about the subject quite easy to read / understand and as one absorbs his meaning . . . believable. It rings so true that as I was reading, I kept wanting to cut out paragraphs to put on my computer, refrigerator and bathroom mirror!

Read this book. You will be glad you found it. In fact, you will probably send a copy to your child . . . I did!

Author, editor, publisher

If you have written or are writing a book I can help you to get it published without a major investment. Just email bill@positive-imaging.com and let’s talk about it. I’ll be glad to offer my advice.

Please contact me with any questions or comments. I would appreciate the opportunity to talk with you. Thanks.

Bill Benitez
Positive Imaging, LLC

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