A William Benitez

Writing and Publishing Services

Years of first-hand experience writing 16 books and publishing 28 ensure you fast quality Services at a reasonable cost. Check them out below.

Light Editing: You’ve just finished your book and spent weeks carefully editing it to avoid a large investment. You think it’s ready to publish but there’s nagging doubt. A quick, light editing may be all you need for peace of mind at a reasonable cost. Another set of eyes can assure you or caution for additional editing. Either way, there’s no obligation and your manuscript will be improved. Peace of mind for a small investment.

Print and eBook Formatting: Your book is ready to go but needs formatting for ebook or print. Get both or either done quickly and professionally for a low price. Get your files ready to upload. Contact me for a quote.

Publishing Consultation: One-on-one coaching or I can handle everything for you with help to create your own imprint.

Createspace Expert: Want to publish with Createspace but lack experience, I can help you set up an account, process, upload and setup your book and then turn everything over to you once it’s finished.

Website or blog setup including hosting, domain, or subdomain.  With 38 domains, a long list of subdomains, over 20 websites, and 8 blogs, I have the experience to help you set up a site including hosting.

Contact me at awbenitez@hotmail.com for help with any size project. Or call me at 512-217-4803 and let talk about it.